The Tent Village

It takes a village…

At Startupfest, the Tent Village is one of the most unique, and attractive aspects of the entire event. Our goal is to create an environment that encourages people to look away from their screens, and make real-time connections. We have over 30 tents, ranging from themed sectors, to demo spaces, pitch competitions and geographic divisions. There is no substitute for face to face interaction, and our Tent Village facilitates this by, putting you in the same physical space, with all of the people you want to meet. Unlike other events, where you’ll see a speaker onstage and then whisked away to catch their flight, you can catch ours hanging out in the Tent Village, perhaps with a beer in hand, happy to talk and available for you to connect with. The Tent Village provides attendees with an unbeatable networking opportunity we promise you haven’t experienced anywhere else.

2017 tents

  • $100k Prize/ Prix $100k

    A group of angel investors have come together to create a $100k Investment prize. You’ve got until end of day Thursday to impress one of these judges- identified by a blue lanyard or found in their tent- if you’re shortlisted, you’ll be contacted Thursday evening and invited to a private breakfast Friday morning. Winner will be announced onstage Friday afternoon!

  • Grandmother Judges/ Juges Grand-Mères

    Our Illustrious Grandmother Judges are back. You have Thursday, and Friday afternoon to pitch to them in their tent, and vie for the title of Grandmother’s Choice. (In case you didn’t know, analytics startup Onavo was a previous winner, and months later went on to be acquired by Facebook for $150 million. You want to win this one).

  • Health/Santé


    JLABS will be showcasing some of the companies coming out of their program, and Hacking Health will be in the space, both looking to showcase and meet new companies innovating in the Healthtech space

  • Aritificial Intelligence / Intelligence Artificielle

    Champion: ElementAI

    The big story in the AI space is Montreal’s very own ElementAI. They’ll be here showcasing innovations in AI, and looking to meet new companies in the space!

  • Accelerator Lounge/ Salon Accélérateur BDC

    Champion: BDC

    Come meet some of Canada’s leading technology Accelerators and Incubators, and see what they’re looking for in 2016. FounderFuel, Next36, ideaBOOST, L-Spark, and more.

    Note: NEXT Canada is interviewing founders for their NEXT36 Prize in this tent! Find them Thursday and Friday afternoons.

  • CIO

    Come meet with CIOs from some of the biggest companies in Canada. Stay tuned for the schedule!

  • Média

    Champion: CBC

    Media Pitch Prize – You’ve got 1 minute to make your best impression on CBC journalists. The top media pitcher to get our attention will be featured on CBC Montreal. Plus CBC journalists will be on hand to give practical advice on pitching ideas, standing out from the flood of press releases and shaping your story so that it captures the imagination of producers and audiences. For more information go to THIS PRIZE IS OPEN WEDNESDAY EVENING, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY AFTERNOON.

  • Startups that Matter/Des startups qui comptent

    Champion: TD and Fondation Montréal inc.

    Discover Montreal Startups who are developing new business models by optimizing the use of technology. They are able to anticipate markets and challenge existing ways of doing in order to create new spending habits that fit with their own value.

  • Videotron

  • Fin-Tastic Account-Tent/Fin-Tastique

    Champion: Intuit QuickBooks

    At the Fin-Tastique Account-Tent, Intuit QuickBooks will educate startups about financial literacy (FinLit), it’s open API for QuickBooks Online (FinTech) and the company’s presence in Quebec (FinTastique). Not only that, but the team will be giving away awesome swag and cool treats to help attendees beat Montreal’s July heat.

  • Community Support/Support Communautaire

    Here you’ll find a variety of non-profit organizations offering programs for entrepreneurs in the community.

  • Email Engagement/Engagement par courriel

    Champion: SendGrid + SAAS North
  • Infrastructure

    Champion: OVH
  • Demo

    In this tent, you’ll find a variety of startups showcasing what they’re working on.

  • Atlantic Canada/Canada Maritimes

    Champion: Taskforce Fredericton Startup Network

    Showcasing Atlantic Canada’s homegrown talent.

  • Montréal

    Champion: MTL NewTech

    Showcasing Montreal Startups

  • Ville de Montréal

  • Ottawa

    Champion: Invest Ottawa

    Come check out the Ottawa Startup tent! Meet some of Ottawa’s best startups, hear them pitch and maybe even get some awesome swag! The #HustleShuttle from Ottawa to MTL includes a luxury bus ride to and from the festival as well as mentoring, pitch practice, and more! Apply to join the #HustleShuttle.

  • KW-Toronto

    Champion: 349 Co-working

    We packed a sample of Ontario Startup scene awesomeness onto a few VIA Rail train cars, and we’re unpacking them at the Ontario Startup Tent. Stop by!

  • Calgary

    Champion: Startup Calgary and Calgary Economic Development

    Showcasing the Calgary startup scene!

  • Vancouver

    Champion: Vancouver Economic Development
  • France

    Champion: L’Office franco-québécois pour la jeunesse (OFQJ)

    l’OFQJ offre l’opportunité à des jeunes créateurs de startups de prendre part au Festival International des Startups.