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“Startupfest has grown into the unmissable startup community event of the year” – LP Maurice, Founder Busbud

Garner Attention

Media Opportunities and Prizes

Acquire Knowledge

120+ speakers across 8 stages

Secure Funding

$500k+ awarded in prizes

Build Connections

over 4,500 attendees

Three ways to attend

If you’re looking for a home base at the Fest, where you’re guaranteed more visibility- a demo table is your best bet. They’re perfect for launching your product, and showing off your technology in a prime location. Our demo tables are for startup demos, not trade show booths.


The specs: Demo tables are situated in the tent village, which is the heart of Startupfest. The table is a 2’x2’ surface, and includes electricity and wifi on a “best effort” basis.
Demo table: Each ticket gives you access to the demo table for TWO DAYS and includes your pass to the Fest. Demo tables can be accessed when the Tent Village is open- as of noon during the Festival days.

The Patron program is an aspect of Startupfest we’re incredibly proud of. The Patron program is your free ticket into the Fest- literally. Created for the bootstrapped, early stage startups, this program allows a “starving startup” to attend Startupfest for free. ($25 commitment fee).


For every Patron ticket purchased, a startup, who could not otherwise afford it, gets the chance to attend. If you meet the application criteria, you can apply for a Starving Startup pass, for the chance to be selected, OR find a patron to nominate you. Must be less than 2 years old and must have received less than $250,000 in funding.


The Startup ticket is the most common way to attend. This ticket gives you access to all keynotes, breakout sessions and the entire tent village for the duration of Startupfest. Unlike the Demo Table that requires you to man your table while the Tent Village is running, the startup ticket allows you to roam free. You’re free to pitch for all prizes, take advantage of the amazing networking and watch as many talks as you want. 

Prizes & Opportunities

$100K Investment Prize

What is this? A group of angel investors come together to award an investment prize worth $100k+!
Open to: Any startup in attendance
Where can I pitch? Find them in the $100k Prize tent in the Tent Village
When can I pitch? 12-5pm, Thursday, July 13th. The top 10 will be shortlisted Thursday afternoon, and invited to a private breakfast Friday morning. See the process and FAQ’s here.

Grandmothers' Choice Award

What is this? An honorary award given by our most coveted judging panel.
Open to: Any startup in attendance
Where can I pitch? Find them in the Grandmother Judges tent in the Tent Village
When can I pitch? 12-5pm, Thursday, July 13th, and Friday, July 14th.

Best Onstage Pitch

What is this? The title given to the best onstage pitch judged by a panel of experts in the audience.
Open to: 7 Startups selected to pitch onstage through the application process! APPLY NOW.
Where/When can I pitch? Onstage during your scheduled time slot.

Next 36 Young Entrepreneur Award

What is this? Pitch to N36 alumni and mentor judges for your chance to win an exclusive founder spot in the 2018 Cohort of Next 36 – Canada’s premiere program for developing young entrepreneurs.
Open to: Any senior post-secondary student or recent grad who can impress the judges in two minutes or less
Where can I pitch: Find them in the Accelerator tent in the Tent Village and roaming the Festival at large (in their red and gray “Whats Now, What’s NEXT t-shirts).
When can I pitch: Thursday afternoon in the Accelerator tent OR you can schedule a meet up.

Media Pitch Prize/CBC

What is this? The top media pitcher to get our attention will be featured on CBC Montreal
Open to: Any startup in attendance
Where can I pitch: Find them in the Media tent in the Tent Village.
When can I pitch: 12-5pm, Thursday, July 13th, and Friday, July 14th. Sign up for your time slot at the tent as of noon Thursday- they fill up fast!

“A few months ago Heddoko was just an idea. We ended up being selected in the top 3 for the 100K Investment prize, and top 3 for the Videotron Business Solution prize. An amazing opportunity to validate that we are heading in the right direction.” – Mazen Elbawab, Heddoko

Education & Networking

Tent Village

Over 30 tents focused on showcasing different industry sectors, geographic locations, and facilitating real time connections. This is also home to the $100k Prize tent, Grandmother Judges, and more.

Onstage Content

Startupfest boasts four stages; One for inspiring keynotes, one for interactive “How-to” content, one to discuss the “Future-of”, and this year we’ve introduced the “interactive” stage, designed only for “AMAs”.

Media Opportunities

There are two media prizes at the festival up for grabs; CBC and MaTV. Not to mention international media all in attendance.

“We got so much exposure summer of 2014, which included media exposure, investors, and also coming in second place in the 100k prize competition, that we were able to create a lot of credibility, and that helped us finalize our first round of funding.” – Daniel Blumer, Revols