Wednesday, July 12, 2017 – Presented by:

ScaleupFest is…

an exclusive gathering for founders past the initial seed round, growing the foundational team and ready to take everything to the next level. Share your experience on the startup rollercoaster while ScaleupFest illuminates what is often unaddressed – candid war stories, hard advice, the science and art of startup growth and more.

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2016 Past Speakers

  • Tobias Lütke

    Founder and CEO, Shopify

    Julien Smith

    Co-Founder and CEO, Breather

  • Kelly Friedman

    Partner, DLA Piper (Canada) LLP

    Mitch Joel

    President, Mirum

  • Mikael Cho

    Founder, Crew & Unsplash

    Anthony Lacavera

    Chairman, Globalive Capital

  • Janice Taylor 

    CEO and Founder, Just Be Friends

    LP Maurice

    CEO & Co-Founder, Busbud

  • Robert Simon

    Sr Managing Partner,

    BDC IT Venture Fund

    Jevon MacDonald

    Ex-Co-Founder & CEO, GoInstant Inc.,


  • Daniel Robichaud

    Co-Founder, PasswordBox


    Janet Bannister 

    General Partner, Real Ventures

  • John Ruffolo

    Chief Executive Officer,

    OMERS Ventures

    Selcuk Atli

    Venture Partner, 500 Startups


  • Maeghan Smulders

    Sr. Manager, Growth & Strategic Marketing ,

    True Key by Intel Security

    Mark MacLeod

    Founder, SurePath Capital Partners


    Win Bear

    Managing director, SVB

    Matt Roberts 

    Associate Director,

    BDC IT Venture Fund

  • David Crow

    Managing Director, Danger Capital

    Jason Bailey

    Founder, East Side Games

  • Matt Golden

    Managing Director,

    Golden Venture Partners

    Paul Ford MC

    Vice President, SendGrid

  • Sylvain Carle

    Partner, Real Ventures

    General Manager, FounderFuel

    Bryan Bogensberger

    Co-founder and CEO, Quiver

  • Michael Weider

    CEO, Clearwater Clinical

2017 Agenda Topics

Come and learn from the experiences of those that have been there before you! Here are some of the topics we’ll be looking at this summer!

– Overcoming the hurdles
– The Talent Gap: What it takes to recruit top notch sales & marketing teams, and C-level executives
– From the trenches – startup stories of raising a Series A in Canada
– Metrics that matter to achieve growth
– Profitability over raising
– Exponential scale: How to build and maintain your brand in Canada

2016 Agenda

Time Session Title Speaker(s)
10:00 AM Welcome! BDC Capital, Sylvain Carle | Real Ventures
10:10 AM A founder's story: growing Shopify in the early days Mitch Joel | Mirum, Tobias Lütke | Shopify
10:40 AM From seed to A: closing a round North of the Border Mark MacLeaod | SurePath Capital, Matt Roberts | BDC IT Venture Fund, Janet Bannister | Real Ventures
11:10 AM Roundtables:
TOPIC 1: What Series A Investors are after John Ruffolo | OMERS Ventures, Robert Simon | BDC IT Venture Fund
TOPIC 2: True growth through customer aquisition Selcuk Atli | 500 Startups
TOPIC 3: Debt vs Equity Win Bear | SVB, Matt Golden | Golden Venture Partners
12:15 PM to 1:15 PM LUNCH Thanks to TWG!
1:20 PM Always be Raising: A Founders Perspective Mikael Cho | Crew & Unsplash, Janice Taylor | Just Be Friends, Daniel Robichaud | PasswordBox, Sylvain Carle | Real Ventures
2:00 PM Getting it together: Mergers, Acquisitions; and timing Jevon McDonald | GoInstant Inc. &, Bryan Bogensberger | Quiver, Michael Weider | Clearwater Clinical, Kelly Friedman | DLA Piper (Canada) LLP
2:40 PM AMA on HR for Startups LP Maurice | Busbud, Maeghan Smulders | True Key
3:20 PM The Board Member—From Prenup to Divorce Julien Smith | Breather, Jason Bailey | East Side Games, David Crow | Danger Capital, Janet Bannister | Real Ventures
4:00 PM Scaling without Failing Anthony Lacavera | Globalive Capital
4:20 PM Closing Remarks!
4:30 PM Special Chain Reaction Panel: The startup life cycle In this unique one-on-one interview format, we'll hear from a successful founder, an angel, an accelerator, and an LP—all interviewing one another to answer the big questions: What's it like, what have you learned, how can we all work together/collaborate, and what would you change?