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a 24-hour, outdoor, multi-topic, innovation marathon for developers, designers, inventors and all-around creators. Participants will have access to the latest hardware, APIs, and support from key players in the industry. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, this event will expose you to a whole new world of creation.

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By: NeuroTechX

Join NeuroTechX Montreal at StartupFest for a 24h sprint of hacking on your brain! Neurotechnology, Biosensors, Virtual Reality and much more on the menu. From serious projects to silly ones, no one will judge your idea! You’ve seen the new Elon Musk endeavour, Neuralink or Bryan Johnson, Kernel? Yeah, well… We’re not gonna work on that, but we’ll sure talk about it!
Come hack with us!

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24-hour Bio-Build

By: Bricobio

Build to grow! At the Bricobio section of the hackerfest we’ll be focused on building tools to grow living things. Living things could include plants, fungi, yeast, algae or other organisms used in food, art or science. The tools that you’ll build might be bioreactors, incubators, fermenters, hydroponics, aquariums or even microfluidics! Sensors and measurement devices for tracking growth are great too!

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MonBUG summer hackathon

By: Montreal Bioinformatics User Group

Molecular biology is faced with an avalanche of data.
Few researchers have the skill sets to handle the data, and there is a paucity of commercial software programs to handle the data.
During the hackathon, you will be given one dataset on which to apply machine learning techniques.
No prior knowledge of machine learning or molecular biology is required.
The winners get bragging rights, a MonBUG (Montreal Bioinformatics User Group) t-shirt, and an opportunity to advance scientific knowledge.


By: FormFintech

The FormFintech Hackathon is where teams take research from Montreal’s best universities, and transform this bleeding-edge research into commercial products in just 24 hours! This city is home to amazing research and development, and this process is a core activity in leading innovation. It will be up to our participants to take this to the research to the next level by gathering all the best findings from the endless flow of Fintech research in order to build a research-based startup!

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Alumni Workshop & Open House

By: Hacking Health

Hacking Health is a non-profit that aims to transform healthcare by connecting healthcare professionals with designers, developers, innovators and entrepreneurs to build realistic, human-centric solutions to front-line healthcare problems. We are a global movement, currently active in 30+ cities in Canada, the United States, South America, Europe and Asia. This year at HackerFest, Hacking Health Montreal will be hosting a design day for their alumni and and open house for potential participants of Cooperathon 2017. Activities will include practicing your pitch and going through Stanford d.school’s crash course on design thinking.

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Incubator Sprint

By: Centech

Centech, one of Quebec’s top business incubator program focused on hardware and deep tech is always looking for new ideas about how to better support the businesses in our Propulsion program and collaborate with the innovation ecosystem in Montreal and around the world. During HackerFest, we will be running a 24 hour design sprint to imagine the best incubator in the world. Come help us shape the ideas that will form the companies of tomorrow!

Social Security Hackathon

By: YoungLeaders

YoungLeaders is bringing together teen achievers to hack social security and fight terrorism. Alex Shevchenko, founder of SafeWatch and member of YoungLeaders will be working with teens to apply computer vision and other machine learning techniques to identify security threats and suspicious activities!
Join us to empower YoungLeaders’ teen achievers and fight for safety against terrorism.

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