In collaboration with TandemLaunch – SciFest is a groundbreaking new one-day event revealing the synergy between research, technology innovation in academia and startups. It’s a full day conversation on the role of university research, Intellectual Property, technology transfer and the critical place of entrepreneurs in the equation. It brings together citizens, professors, students, technologists, founders, VCs and innovative thinkers from around the world.

Speakers (so far!)

  • Tara Akhavan

    Ph.D. – Co-founder & CTO,


    Thad Starner


    Georgia Tech

  • Sophie Forest

    Managing Partner,


    Éléonore Jarry-Ferron

    Co-founder and Managing Partner,

    Front Row Ventures

  • David Dorsey

    Senior Associate,

    Osage University Partners

    Josette-Renée Landry

    Founder & CEO,

    Streamline Genomics

  • Dr. David R. Smith

    Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering,

    James B. Duke

    Mike Cegelski

    Managing Partner,

    Panache Ventures

  • Mike Lee

    Président – R&D,

    Partners & Fundica

    Myra Tawfik

    Professor of Law and EPICentre Professor of IP Commercialization and Strategy,

    University of Windsor

What you’ll learn


Time Session Title Description
9:00AM - 10:00AM Welcome! Enjoy breakfast before we start the day!
10:00AM - 12:30PM Short, ad-hoc talks, demos, and more These are scheduled on-site via the "wall system" in the spirit of BarCamp.
12:30PM - 1:00PM Lunch Sponsored by Maluuba
1:00PM - 5:00PM Engaging group discussion Participants have the ability to claim the time and space (again via the "wall") to instigate a discussion on any AI related topic of interest.