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Friends of the Festival

Every year the Festival collects some friends that become great partners and supporters. Startupfest is really only able to get by with a little help from it’s friends!

Our Amazing Patrons

The Festival would not be possible for so many startups if it were not for our Patrons. Through their generosity, startups get the chance to network, learn and grow. Thank you to the Patrons so far:

Virginia Anderson, Stratus CFO
Artur Minacov, Minacov Group / OPSkins
Arnold Beaudin, Technoparc Montreal
Claridge Investments (16)
Istuary Innovation Labs (14)
Password Box (10)
Ministère de l’Économie, de la Science et de l’Innovation (6)
BDC Capital (5)
Bombardier (5)
Ontario Centres of Excellence (5)
Daniel Langlois, Excentris (4)
Canadian Film Center (3)
Ubisoft (2)
Georgian Partners (2)
PWC (6)
PME Montreal Inc. (5)
PME MTL West Island (3)
PME MTL Centre-Ville (3)