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Sylvain Carle

Partner, Real VenturesGeneral Manager, FounderFuel

Sylvain Carle lives and breathes emerging technologies. For the last 20 years, he has thrived with marvel and fun at the confluence of media, technology and networks. Entrepreneurship, web software architecture, APIs, digital and social media as well as open-source software and open standards are all at the core of his competence and passion.

He has been on many community technology group boards (Ile-Sans-Fil, Alliance Numérique and OSMO) and a serial entrepreneur, CTO and co-founder since 2000 (Messagia, Interstructure, Praized, Needium). Most recently he was Senior Developer Advocate at Twitter in San Francisco, helping strategic partners get the most of the blue bird’s APIs and technology products.

Socialist, idealist and pragmatic, he is convinced that technology will change the world in this era of the networked society. One of his current obsessions is the impact of the (noble) hacker culture on public and private organisations and of innovation through massive collaboration, Github-style.

Urban, local, sustainable, fair, open, transparent and more human is how he wants to see technology and the world evolve. He hopes he can have a small influence in that regard. He is mostly self-taught and an avid learner with insatious curiosity.

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