The Starving Startup – Patron Program

The photo above is a crowd of startups cheering for the Patrons who gave them the opportunity to attend Startupfest! The Starving Startup – Patron Program is unique to Startupfest, and something we’re incredibly proud of. This program is your free ticket into the Fest (literally). Created for the bootstrapped, early stage startups, this program allows a “starving startup” to attend Startupfest for free. ($25 commitment fee). For every Patron ticket purchased, a startup who could not otherwise afford it gets the chance to attend Startupfest. If you meet the application criteria, you can apply for a Starving Startup pass, for the chance to be selected, OR find a patron to nominate you.

To apply for a Starving Startup ticket, you simply fill out the application form below. Starving Startup tickets are awarded in the form of a lottery. It is not merit based and the number of startups who are granted with Starving Startup tickets is directly related to the number of Patron tickets sold. One for one.


ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: Must be less than 2 years old – Must have raised less than $250,000 in funding – Can not have received s Starving Startup ticket more than 2 years in a row

PLEASE NOTE: Should you receive a Starving Startup ticket, and already have a ticket to Startupfest, you are not eligible for a refund. Only one person per startup may be awarded a Starving Startup ticket.


Fill out my online form.


This Program would not be possible, and Startupfest would not be the same, without the support and generosity of the Patrons. As a Patron, not only do you get that warm and fuzzy feeling for having helped a startup in need, but you also get a little love on our website, social media, and your name (or company name) appears on the badge of every startup you patron. You are also identified on site as a Patron, which encourages a little extra love from our audience (because it seriously wouldn’t be the same without you).

Patrons from 2016

Virginia Anderson, Stratus CFO
Artur Minacov, Minacov Group / OPSkins
Arnold Beaudin, Technoparc Montreal
Claridge Investments (16)
Istuary Innovation Labs (14)
Password Box (10)
Ministère de l’Économie, de la Science et de l’Innovation (6)
BDC Capital (5)
Bombardier (5)
Ontario Centres of Excellence (5)
Daniel Langlois, Excentris (4)
Canadian Film Center (3)
Ubisoft (2)
Georgian Partners (2)
PWC (6)
PME Montreal Inc. (5)
PME MTL West Island (3)
PME MTL Centre-Ville (3)