Off Events


Startupfest has become a major event in the Canadian technology ecosystem, and as a result, a range of organizations run their own startup-related events during the week, lending a “festival” air to Montreal.

We try to provide a list of such events as a convenience to attendees, but please note that any Startupfest “Off-Events” are not organized by Startupfest itself, and we aren’t responsible for their content or format.


Startup Weekend Femmes Montréal inc. 3.0

6:00PM – 8:00PM

WHERE: 8 Queen Street, Montreal, Quebec H3C 2N5 Canada
PRICE: 39$ (15% OFF for Startupfest Attendees: use promo code SWfondation)
ABOUT: The 3rd edition of Startup Weekend Femmes Montréal 3.0 i snow launched! The event will take place next July 7-8-9 at SID LEE. Having for ambassadress Judith Fetzer, President and Cofounder of COOK IT, Carolyne Parent, Cofounder and CEO of Rachel’s Box, as well as Émilie Nollet, Cofounder and Co-president of ÉAU, the event aims to stimulate female entrepreneurship while remaining inclusive.

For women, it is a unique opportunity to validate their business idea, to form a team of cofounders or to simply work on a business idea which they are passionate about. For men, it is a unique opportunity to join a team and help transform a business idea into a concrete business project.


Réseautage La_VAL TechUP

6:00PM – 8:00PM

WHERE: Le Tier Lieu, coop de solidarité 1200 Boul St-Martin Ouest Laval, Qc H7S 2E4, Canada.
ABOUT: L’écosystème entrepreneurial en général et technologique en particulier fait de Laval un territoire en pleine croissance et des activités ont lieu périodiquement pour le dynamiser davantage. Cette activité rentre dans le cadre de la programmation de La_VAL TechUP pour l’été après son lancement au printemps 2017 et un franc succès de son concours régional Startup Pitch Challenge fin mai dernier.

Cette soirée se déroulera sous forme d’un Talk d’un invité spécial, suivi d’un panel et en fin d’un cocktail réseautage.


How to Design the next Instagram/Snapchat on the Blockchain

NOON – 1:00PM

WHERE: Bassin Bonsecours park (sur l’herbe) Montreal old port 333 rue de la Commune, Quebec Montreal
ABOUT: Blockchain is a platform to design unstoppable applications
The next killer app could be a messenging Dapp. Are you up for it?
It starts with why, it starts with you, me and we and a new business model.

Think about an ICO with Connect coins as an example and a white paper with a clear sense of purpose…
(Remember that Instagram was bought by Facebook with 7 employees for 1 billion the year Kodak went bankrupt)

Imagine an ad-free app that you could crowdfund via ICO, a sense of community and max out the network effect of the Ethereum platform where value is shared across stakeholders?

Join us in this Off creative event river and get some inspiration to design the next generation of Dapps.

Blockchain will change the world, and your life.

Don’t miss the train.


Desjardins Lab Presents: Kill The Silos – Bringing VR/AR/AI/Blockchain Together – A 360 VR Community Initiative

6:00PM – 9:00PM

WHERE: Desjardins Lab, 175 René-Lévesque Blvd W, Montreal, QC H2X 3Y2
PRICE: 5$ (FREE for Startupfest Attendees)
ABOUT: Montréal Talent is already International. From our Musicians and Actors, to Comedians and Directors, to our Programmers, Software and Game Makers, our Talent is renown. Leaders of their Fields like AI’s Yoshua Bengio and VR’s Felix&Paul have solidified the perception of this Talent that we have in the eyes of the World. And yet, we fail to Monetize. Just as worse: we fail to talk to each other. We believe that the Future lies in Mixed Realities aided by AI, not in these segregated “silos”.

Unlike Major Cities, we also lack Corporations that can afford to the Services create by our Talents, which is why we must all come together to forge our City’s Future Economy, that will be highly dependent on our Talent. That’s our Human Capital.

With an Ambiance à la Montréalaise, you will experience Talks by Visionaries from each of Sector, as well as a Talk about how all these “Separate” Fields Can, Must and WILL come Together.

Not Another Montreal Startup Party

5:30PM – 9:30PM

WHERE: GradeSlam HQ 279 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest – Suite #410 Montreal, Quebec H2X 1Y2
PRICE: 100$ (FREE for Startupfest Attendees, must present badge)
ABOUT: After a day full of learning at StartupFest, come on up to the GradeSlam HQ for a fun-filled night.

Enjoy complimentary food, drinks and great music with Montreal’s most vibrant tech entrepreneurs, innovators and creators all under one roof.

*There will be a free shuttle from Startupfest courtesy of our friends at*

Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the event.


To be considered as one of Startupfest’s Off Events, you must meet the following criteria:

– Your event cannot compete with official Startupfest programming
– You must offer either free or discounted tickets to Startupfest attendees
– Your event must take place within the two weeks surrounding Startupfest (July 6th – July 20th)

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