Accelerator Fest c’est…

Un événement spécialisé présenté par BDC Capital, conçu pour ceux qui dirigent des accélérateurs – les directeurs, les gestionnaires de programmes et les gestionnaires de communautés qui font fonctionner les programmes d’accélération partout dans le monde. Amenez votre programme à la prochaine étape grâce à un contenu de fond et des tables rondes interactives, le tout dans un environnement où vous pourrez partager, apprendre et itérer votre modèle d'accélération pour l’adapter aux réalités actuelles du marché.

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Agenda 2016

Time Session Title Speaker(s)
10:00 AM Welcome!
10:10 AM Opening Keynote
10:30 AM Ecosystem Dynamics as they Apply to Accelerators/Incubators It's been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again, and expecting different results. The best accelerators know this, and focus on outcomes rather than activity. We kick off this session with a set of short talks offering a glimpse into how accelerators separate impact from activity—what they measure, how they adapt, and what they expect from each cohort. Then, we'll explore what's working and what isn't, looking at what needs to change for accelerators to be as effective as possible, listing concrete next steps and actionable suggestions that participants can explore further in today's round-table discussions.
11:00 AM Roundtables
TOPIC 1: The numbers that matter: Going from vanity to impact Every good accelerator is data-driven. But shallow metrics—number of companies, vanity milestones—lead to weak results. This session dives into the KPIs every great accelerator needs to track, share, and drive in order to get great results.
TOPIC 2: Incubate and accelerate: Blending the stages Incubators take a good idea, great founders, or an unfair advantage, and give them a chance to ideate towards something with promise. Accelerators take promising ventures and inject fuel so they can hit escape velocity. But beyond the metaphors, how do we get the best of both worlds? Today, the two are converging. Incubators are adding more formal acceleration programming; accelerators are emphasizing incubator resources, shared services, and customer development to yield better results. This session will look at how to strike the right balance of accelerators' natural selection, and incubators' careful nurture, to create great companies.
TOPIC 3: Reaching out: extending your network around the world No accelerator is an island. As part of a process that goes from ideation to exit, accelerators are only as strong as their network. Connected mentors, global financing, diversity at demo day, and a strong syndicate to take your best startups to the next level—all are critical of growth. But building that network is hard. You're competing for attention, credibility, and influence. In this session, we'll look at practical steps accelerators can take to build a thriving network around the world.
12:15 TO 1:15 PM LUNCH LUNCH
1:15 PM Year five: how to make things last Seed funding is a great start: low risk, with plenty of eager Angels. But it isn't a one-time deal. Accelerators need longevity so they can create an ecosystem, with successful graduates serving as examples. In this session, we'll look at what funding models encourage the operational sustainability of an accelerator, and how to combine various types of investor and investment to ensure continuity while making financing simple for participants.
1:45 PM Next-generation programming: Adapting models to achieve impact The best accelerators run a tight ship, with engaged mentors, proven content, and clear milestones. Not only does this make better startups—it's what the best founders demand. Accelerator curricula have evolved, and now the basic twelve-weeks-then-pitch is just table stakes. So what are the new models? What's working, and what's not? Should you create your own, partner with a broad accelerator network, or double-down on your current approach?
2:15 TO 3:15 PM Interactive Session
3:25 PM Does specialization drive impact? Heinlein once said "specialization is for insects." He favored generalists. But does his disdain hold up to scrutiny? Vertically focused accelerators can concentrate their efforts, advisors, and intellectual property in a specific industry—so on the one hand, they apply more force to a smaller area for greater effect. On the other hand, their fortunes wax and wane with the industry they target, so they're riskier than a generalized portfolio of companies. In this session, we'll look at whether focus leads to better outcomes, or to myopia.
4:10 PM Closing Remarks!
4:30 PM Special Chain Reaction Panel: The startup life cycle In this unique one-on-one interview format, we'll hear from a pre-series-A founder, an angel, an accelerator, and a VC—all interviewing one another to answer the big questions: What's it like, what have you learned, how can we all work together/collaborate, and what would you change?