Startupfest 2017 is proud to present Braindate, the innovative platform that helps you find the right people to meet one-on-one to share knowledge and learn from the right participants. Braindates offer the opportunity to learn from your fellow participants at Startupfest about the subjects that are most pertinent to you. Want to hear someone’s experience about pitching to investors? Exchange best practices about marketing strategy? Book a braindate with the entrepreneurs at Startupfest to start learning with intention!


What is a braindate?

It’s our new in-person peer-to-peer learning and networking experience. We’ve teamed up with e180, providers of an innovative platform and method for collaborative learning and networking, to help you seek and find connections with others in a variety of interests and areas of expertise.


How it works:

1. Create your braindate profile

Tell a bit about yourself and create Offers & Requests for knowledge.

2. Book a braindate

By exploring knowledge and sending a meeting request.

3. Meet in person

Share your experience or learn something.

Once you have registered for Startupfest, you will receive your invitation to Braindate within 48 hours! If you have any problems, or do not receive your invitation, please email

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