Wednesday, July 12, 2017

AngelFest is…

Calling all angels! Introducing Startupfest's NEW AngelFest- revamped for 2017. Less structured content- more connections. AngelFest is a one day event dedicated to the global angel investment community. Think "Braindates" with other angels, and cold beers.

2016 Past Speakers

  • Sanjay Singhal

    Canadian Venture Partner,

    500 Startups

    Jonathan Bixby

    General Partner,

    Stanley Park Ventures

  • Jodi Echakowitz


    Boulevard Public Relations

    Carman Chan

    Founder and managing partner,

    Click Ventures

  • Sophie Forest

    Managing Partner,


    Randy Smerik

    Founder/CEO Osunatech, Inc.


  • Sandi Gilbert

    Founder + CEO, SeedUps


    Yuri Navarro

    CEO + Executive Director, NACO

  • David Crow


    Danger Capital Corporation

    Caroline Pelletier

    Director of Business Development,


    and Professional Development ,

    Anges Quebec

  • Sean O’Sullivan

    Managing Partner, SOSV

    Randall Howard

    General Partner, Verdexus

  • Stéphane Pilette

    Vice President, Anges Québec

    Investment support

    Healthcare and Lifesciences Sector Manager

    Ray Walia

    Co-Founder, Launch Academy

  • Mike Edwards

    CEO, Mobio Technologies

    Founding Partner, Oak/Mason

    Chris Bissonnette

    Managing Partner, Pallasite Ventures

  • Robert Brouillette

    Director, Anges Quebec

    Mike Cigelski

    Kouraje Management,

    Director, Anges Quebec

  • Rubsun Ho

    Chief Crowdpleaser, Crowdmatrix

    Nagar Rahmani

    Associate, Kensington Venture Capital

  • John Philip Green

    CEO + Founder, CareGuide

    Erika Kurczyn

    Manager, Strategic Partnerships,

    BDC Capital

  • Jean-Francois Pariseau

    Partner, Healthcare Fund, BDC

2016 Agenda

Time Session Title Description
9:30 AM Welcome!
9:40 AM 2015 NACO Angel Activity Report Angel Report: Trends + Best Practices in Angel Investing 2015
10:05 AM KEYNOTE: The Canadian Startup Ecosystem is Stronger Than Ever: 500 Startups Comes to Town With the Canadian Startup ecosystem being stronger than ever, fund models such as 500 Startups are poised to drive major impact in how early stage companies get funded. Why the 500 Model works and how they support incubator, angel and VC partner rounds.
10:30 AM PANEL: Moving from Backyard to Sectoral - Death of Distance With Startups becoming key players in creating business opportunities and driving innovation in Canada, how do you find, invest and support sectoral winners? How do Angels best navigate this terrain? Who is going to write that first cheque? And how do Angels and Accelerators work together nationally, cross-border and internationally?
11:00 to 11:10 AM BREAK BREAK
11:10 AM Roundtables: Activating Your Angel Network This session will be an overview of how Angels differ in their practices and operations at the local level, followed by round tables to explore common themes around leveraging the NACO Angel network
TOPIC 1: Getting Started or Growing Your Group
TOPIC 2: Building Relationships that lead to Syndicates
TOPIC 3: Leveraging the Knowledge of the Network for Diligence
TOPIC 4: Collaborating for Great Dealflow
11:45 PM Roundtable: Finding The One Metric That Matters Working with founders to find the "one metric" that board, investors, and company team can focus on. Reporting, communications and board meetings, how to avoid "mentor whiplash".
12:15 PM LUNCH Thanks to TWG!
1:2O PM KEYNOTE FOMO and Other Cognitive Biases in Angel Investing
1:45 PM Angels Collaborating with Different Funding Models An exploration about how Angels work with different funding models & organizations from first cheques to Series A, Sidecar funds, Seed VC, Crowd VC, and Foundry.
2:15 to 2:35 PM BREAK BREAK
2:40 PM PANEL: How to Add Value to your Startup Investments Exploring ways that Angels can get engaged and add value to their startups. Board membership is not the only way to be involved, so how do successful Angels use their networks and knowledge to support company growth.
3:15 PM Emerging Tech: What's Next, Where to Look There are a number of emerging waves of technology. New areas of research, interface, and even new platforms. What are some of these new areas? How do you keep track of them? And where do you go looking for great companies in these very emergent areas? This panel of industry experts will speak to the following areas: Bitcoin and new cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum; VR/AR/VR are combinations of hardware, software, computer vision and new interface design featuring Google and Microsoft; Drones + Robots in the industrial world; AI and machine learning highlighting Google's TensorFlow library for machine intelligence.
4:15 PM Closing Statements
4:30 PM Special Chain Reaction Panel: The startup life cycle In this unique one-on-one interview format, we'll hear from a successful founder, an angel, an accelerator, and an LP—all interviewing one another to answer the big questions: What's it like, what have you learned, how can we all work together/collaborate, and what would you change?